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Send-out Laboratory Information on How to Order a Genetic Test

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Please note that the Carver Lab does not perform genetic prenatal testing or testing of asymptomatic minors.

If you represent a send-out lab and are involved in submitting a blood sample on behalf of a physician and his/her patient, you can help avoid complications and delays by reviewing the following:

  1. Has the patient's physician already filled out the requisition form?

    Any samples received with out this required paperwork will not be processed until proper documentation is received.

    Yes? If you expect to receive a copy of final test results, you will need to complete the "Duplicate Reporting Address" field. Include fax number where report is to be sent (a stamp or sticker on the print copy is acceptable). If this information is missing we will not know to forward a report to your facility.

    No? If you are completing the requisition form on behalf of the referring physician, see instructions below.

  2. If you answered "No" to the above question, you will need to fill out an online genetic test requisition form. A separate requisition is needed for every blood sample submitted).

    Once registered, any designated lab representative with access to the username/password can fill out a requisition. In doing so it is very important that you include the physician’s name and contact information in the appropriate fields. We may have a very specific patient related question we need to ask and this information will help prevent delays in testing.

    It is also very important that you include your (laboratory) contact information in the Duplicate Reporting Address Field if you expect a written copy of final test results.

  3. Once complete, print all forms. Three copies of the Test Requisition will print - one copy for the patient, one copy for your records, and one copy ("Lab Copy" complete with Medical Professional Authorizing Signature) to be sent to the Carver Lab with the patient's blood sample. Shipping/Billing Instructions will also print. Please note: Shipping costs and supplies are the responsibility of the patient/physician.
  4. Keep your copy of the Test Requisition form for future reference as it will have printed on it your patient's unique "Identifier". Using this number, both you and your patient will be able to keep track of the status of your test online.
  5. Mail the blood sample(s) along with the completed form(s) and payment to the John and Marcia Carver Nonprofit Genetic Testing Laboratory at the University of Iowa. Payment is expected at this time; you can find our not-for-profit fees online.

    If you prefer we bill your facility, indicate this when choosing the billing option. If you need a copy of the final report to process payment, the Duplicate Reporting Address field must be completed with your contact information. Include fax # where report is to be sent (a stamp or sticker on the print copy is acceptable).

  6. The DNA will be processed immediately after the sample is received. If the concentration of DNA is below 50ng/ul, you may be contacted to send a new sample.
  7. Genetic testing will take place on the extracted DNA.
  8. Screening for genetic variations can take any where from four weeks to six months depending on the test requested (see estimated turn around time on the table of tests offered).
  9. Once testing is complete a written report will be sent to the referring physician as well as to your facility if the "Duplicate Reporting Address" field is populated correctly. You should not expect any communication until this time.

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