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Now that I have my confidential identifier, will you publish my test results online?

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The online tracking system is designed to improve communication so that people can now keep track of the status of a their own test, or that of a patient's, online. This helps tremendously in terms of our ability to communicate with thousands of people who have submitted a sample for genetic testing. But no, we would never publish test results online. While the information is certainly confidential, it can also be very confusing, not to mention emotionally charged for many people. We firmly believe that just like an x-ray or other medical test, results need to be explained by someone qualified, knowledgeable, and hopefully compassionate. Test results are always forwarded to a patient's referring physician and it is not unusual, quite frankly, for a physician to refer a patient to a genetic counselor. Not all physicians are comfortable explaining test results due to their lack of training in the field of genetics.

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