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Do you accept blood samples from outside the United States? If so, what arrangements do I need to make to send a sample?

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The John and Marcia Carver Nonprofit Genetic Testing Laboratory (Carver Lab) can and does accept blood samples from all over the world*. However, we do not have specific information regarding the shipping requirements of samples from each individual country. Every country has its own set of regulations and for us to keep track of that and try to remain current would be next to impossible. Therefore we rely on patients and their physicians to find and make their own arrangements.

If you are considering the idea of sending a blood sample to the Carver Lab for genetic testing to confirm a diagnosis there are a couple of factors you need to consider:

  1. First you will need to determine if we have the clinical genetic test available to confirm the diagnosis in question. See "Genetic Tests We Offer" for additional information. If you do not see a specific test for the inherited eye disease in question, then we currently do not offer that test. As more tests become available, they will be posted on this list, so we encourage you to monitor this web site periodically. Another option you have is to visit There you will find an international directory of genetic testing laboratories.
  2. Once you have determined that yes, the Carver Lab does offer the test(s) you need to confirm a diagnosis, you will then need to research the options available to you for the shipping of a blood sample. We cannot do this for you. However, we can refer you to several web sites that may be useful to you in this regard.

Once you've confirmed that 1) yes, the Carver Lab performs the test you need and 2) you know how to ship a sample from your country, you will then need to follow the instructions explaining how to request a genetic test

* Due to certain trade restrictions with the U.S., there are a few countries we are not able to receive samples from. If you are unsure of the status of the country you are from, please contact us to clarify before sending a sample.

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