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How can I tell if genetic testing is appropriate for me and/or my family?

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This is a very complex question for which there is no easy answer. The Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) has a most excellent resource that may help guide you in your decision. The contents of their booklet will help answer many of the questions you may have. It will also point you to some very important resources, perhaps one of the most important having to do with genetic counseling. Our recommendation to anyone considering genetic testing is exactly the same as that of the FFB: "The Foundation Fighting Blindness recommends genetic counseling for patients and families before and after genetic testing."

"Genetic Counseling guides patients and families toward a clearer understanding of the limitations and benefits of genetic testing as well as the interpretation of test results. It is also designed to help patients and families learn to manage the potentially stressful and emotional aspects of the testing process."
– Foundation Fighting Blindness

For more information, please refer to this booklet by the FFB.

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