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What is the protocol for submitting parental samples?

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Submitting parental samples (for LCA testing) at the same time you submit a sample for an affected child may help to reduce the turnaround time needed to complete testing.

An online requisition form is required for each individual parent and needs to be completed by the referring physician. On each form, in the general comments section, please type "Parental Sample for patient (insert child's name)".

In the billing section you can select the "Use a credit card or send a check/money order" option. Then, once the form prints, please hand write "LCA parental sample: No charge" on each (parental) requisition.

There needs to be one requisition for each blood sample submitted. Please label samples clearly and carefully.

There is no additional charge as parental samples are considered part of the proband's test.

Note: A separate report will not be issued for parental samples as a statement regarding parent’s results is included in the child’s report.

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