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What is the procedure for shipping a blood sample?

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  • When making an appointment for a blood draw, be sure to ask who is responsible for packaging/shipping of sample. The physician or send-out lab may provide this service and charge you OR you may be responsible for shipping the sample yourself. In that case you’ll want to be prepared.
  • The Carver Lab does not provide packaging material. See this page for more information
  • To ship a blood sample we suggest the following:
    • make sure tubes are labeled carefully
    • to prevent breakage of tubes, wrap paper towel or bubble wrap around each individual tube to cushion
    • seal wrapped tubes in ziploc bag to contain possible leakage
    • a small sturdy box is ideal for shipping of sample – use additional padding (bubble wrap, newspaper, paper towel) to cushion contents
    • be sure paperwork is included with sample
    • package can be sent via USPS, FedEx or UPS at ambient temperature (no refrigeration or ice necessary)
    • ideally the sample should be sent as soon as possible using overnight or 2-3 day service. Sample can be refrigerated if kept overnight. Do not freeze.
    • samples can be shipped on Friday for weekend delivery or held (refrigerated) for shipping on following Monday.
  • Review our shipping instructions.
  • The confidential tracking Identifier (found in the upper left hand corner of the requisition) can be used online at any time to confirm delivery of sample. It may take several days for information to be processed so you may need to monitor the site until you see confirmation of "sample received"

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